FOUR Logistics


Urban sustainability.

We are paving the way for the future of urban distribution.
We are the silent guests of cities that breathe, in harmony with their inhabitants. We transport harmoniously, respecting the community and the environment.
Constraints dictated by environmental norms, limited traffic access areas, traditional delivery methods and schedules are a thing of the past.
Our daily commitment is to make our cities more welcoming and livable, preserving their archaeological, architectural and cultural heritage, reducing traffic and limiting air and noise pollution. In other words, improving the overall quality of life for the people who live there.

A step ahead of evolution.

An increasing number of national and international companies from all sectors and public administrations are including Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies in their business strategies, extending these to suppliers, clients, employees and target communities.
FOUR is the fruit of a strategic alliance between leading Logistics companies, who are aware of the importance they play in boosting consumer value and the economic system in general, and the need to anticipate change, responding to the latent and obvious needs of a market that is continuously evolving and increasingly sensitive to the environmental and social implications of business solutions.

From our DNA to our philosophy.

To us, logistics means connecting, creating and sharing values. We endorse and foster relationships by connecting people, shortening distances and facilitating exchange between producers and consumers, with a strong belief in ethical and moral values and a relentless commitment to respecting the environment and our communities.
We are driven to achieve economic, social and environmental sustainability and innovation. Our innovation is technological, operational and strategic, relying on internal and external resources according to an open innovation model.
Innovation, social inclusion, environmental protection and respect for the dignity of people are intangible assets that, combined with efficiency, speed and punctuality, make FOUR a reliable partner for comprehensive and sustainable logistics services.

Our policy is to create value. Together.

We involve suppliers, employees, customers and communities in our strategic and operational business process, transforming services into value.

TRANSPORTATION: our transportation services meet logistics needs whilst preserving and enhancing human and environmental well-being, economic progress and social justice, thanks to the combination of an eco-friendly fleet and highly skilled human resources.

SUPPLIERS: we transfer our social and environmental standards to suppliers and partners, encouraging best practices that generate fast and profound social and environmental change.

STORAGE: our warehouses are greener thanks to photovoltaic systems and waste separation facilities and safer thanks to the on-going, specialized training of personnel and the adoption of precautionary measures. We use recyclable or reusable packaging and we invest in reverse logistics associated with re-use and recycling models.

CITY & DISTRICT LOGISTICS: we contribute to the development of sustainable cities thanks to city logistics projects and to continuous research in the field of sustainable logistics solutions, through partnerships with research institutions, universities and public entities.

Transforming energy into respect and efficiency.

Sustainability is our driving force. Our 100% green vehicles increase transport efficiency whilst respecting the environment. Our fleet is powered by 100% renewable energy.

Shipping efficiency:
  • Access to limited traffic access areas
  • Reduced fleet maintenance
  • Reduced number of deliveries
  • Maximization of vehicle loading capacity

  • Environmental protection:
  • No CO2 emissions
  • No PM10 emissions
  • Reduced noise pollution

  • We share our customers’ point of view.

    We are not just about sustainable solutions. When you choose FOUR you aren’t merely choosing a logistics partner. We are strategic partners capable of building networks, processes and solutions together with our clients. We strive to respect their Corporate Social Responsibility policies and we wish for them to respect ours.

    Our logistics services.

    Sustainable logistics:
  • Complete transportation – groupage
  • Green distribution
  • Reverse logistics
  • Green logistics

  • Sustainable logistics integrated services:
  • Promoting sustainability development and awareness
  • Network training and development
  • Strategy, sustainability and open innovation

  • Creating quality with our partners.

    We are present throughout Italy and Europe thanks to strategic alliances with market operators who share our philosophy and sustainability policies.
    We operate in an organic and sustainable manner together with Lacchi S.p.A., Niinivirta Transport S.p.A. and Autotrasporti Rutilli Adolfo S.r.l., through a vast network of:

  • strategic hubs
  • warehouses
  • split / transit points
  • fleets of eco-trucks

  • Our partnerships with universities, training institutions, trade associations, certification and strategic consulting firms, and public bodies, combined with our strategic alliances, enable us to develop synergies and to share innovations, solutions and best practices.

    Transporting Italy’s best.
    lacchi logo

    Courage is not just about overcoming fears, strength of mind or determination: as I see it, if it lacks analytical dexterity, interpretative skills, tenacity and the ability to doubt, it can’t be called courage. There is no courage without respect, that is, civic sense, the will to live in harmony with nature and people. There is no courage without responsibility: accounting for one’s actions. A community of people who take no responsibility for their actions is destined to fail. There is no courage without friendship: it is easier to find courage and tackle a project when you are surrounded by true friends. There is no courage without kindness: to be kind is to be fair.

    There is no courage without mathematics: knowing about numbers is essential because they are the most precise indicators of the state of things. There is no courage without a balanced mix of honesty and astuteness, which must always join hands. There is no courage without pride: for what you stand for, for the Earth, for your workplace, for your job – even the most humble job – for your family, your nation, your heritage.

    Oscar Farinetti

    Priority to our clients’ interests, since 1986.
    niinivirta logo

    Three decades providing the best transportation and distribution solutions with great sensitivity towards environmental issues. Niinivirta Transport has been operating since 1986 in the international transportation sector by land, sea and air. Based in the outskirts of Milan and with correspondents all over northern Europe, Niinivirta is one of Italy’s leading logistics company working with Scandinavian nations.
    Niinivirta is the first Italian transportation operator to have adopted RFID technology (radio frequency labels) to manage goods. In addition to road and intermodal transportation, the company offers maritime and air transportation to and from five continents, thanks to its extended network of agents throughout the world.
    Niinivirta is also the first transportation company in Italy to adopt fully electric medium-heavy vehicles for deliveries to city centers, following the example of the United States, United Kingdom and Germany.

    An ongoing story of transportation, since 1940.
    rutilli logo

    Founded in 1940 as a trucking company, Rutilli is specialized in international transportation and logistics since the mid ’80s. A fleet of vehicles of the highest level, system controls, state-of-the-art surveillance and new-generation IT infrastructure make Rutilli the ideal partner for anyone requiring flexibility, speed, security and competitive rates.
    The dynamics of a rapidly evolving and highly competitive market have led the company to diversify towards logistics services. Today, activities such as the reception of goods, storage, picking, packaging and preparation for shipment are carried out on a daily basis both at the company headquarters and abroad.
    Rutilli partners with some of the most important firms in the Italian and European fashion market, through an efficient management system and high-tech infrastructures, representing a reference point for the national and international fashion supply chain.

    The future seems distant, but it actually starts today.